s y n o p s i s


On the island of Haiti, Kiev, a young prostitute, witnesses the murder of a client and desperately seeks refuge from the authorities and her abusive husband. She returns to the girls’ orphanage, run by Sister Delhi, where she once lived. When refused sanctuary, she takes drugs to cope with her fear.

Meanwhile three cosmopolitan women: Cairo, an archaeologist; New York, an architect and Kyoto, a doctor make their annual pilgrimage to Haiti to help in the orphanage. As the women tend to the orphans they explore their emotions, which are slowly re-awakened by their surroundings.

Whilst looking for Sister Delhi’s ring, Cairo reveals the grief she suffers for her child who died of Leukemia and her husband who left her for another woman. Sister Delhi relates to Cairo through her own insomnia and constant worry that her orphans will be kidnapped and sold to traders. Guilt ridden lovers, New York and Kyoto yearn for more time together, rather than focusing on their careers.

In desperation, Kiev shatters the comfort of the women's lives as she sets herself alight with petrol.  The women treat her wounds in the orphanage, avoiding hospital for fear of her husband finding her.  Sister Delhi is torn, wishing she had been more kind but resenting Kiev’s selfish act, which has forced her to hide a fugitive, putting her orphans in danger.

While caring for Kiev, Kyoto reflects on her sense of longing for what is missing in her life. New York discovers Cairo in the middle of the night having nightmares and hallucinating the memory of her child.

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